RESET! Campaign

RESET! Campaign

Join 91% of the Australian population

Why medical cannabis?

Cannabis is safe

25000 medical papers and years of testing around the world proves medical cannabis is safe with zero fatalities.

Treats the untreatable

Millions of Australians are seeking to access medical cannabis to treat conditions conventional medicine has failed.

The sacred plant

The endocannabinoid system is the body's natural healing system, using the same cannabinoids as found in cannabis.

91% public support

According to Roy Morgan 91% of the Australian public support medical cannabis if a doctor is involved.

Why medical cannabis?

At a glance

Get up to speed on medical cannabis:

We now know the human body has a natural self-healing and regulation system, called the Endocannabinoid system. This works by producing cannabinoids, which are then transported in the blood to the part of the body needing repair, where enzymes break the cannabinoids down to begin the healing process.

When the body cannot produce enough of it's own cannabinoids it is beneficial to introduce cannabinoids from an external source.

The cannabinoids in Cannabis perfectly match the human body - it is the same substance.

All we are doing with medical cannabis is giving the body more of the same healing compound that it makes itself.

While cannabis has by far the widest range of cannabinoids, terpenes and related goodness, there are other plants that can provide good cannabinoid profiles. These include Turmeric and household black pepper.

Pepper can be difficult to take in quantity, but works brilliantly in synergy with turmeric. We suggest a high dose turmeric/pepper product.

These are readily available legally in Health food shops and online.

This is an important point. Medical cannabis does not cure anything, it is not a "drug" in the pharmaceutical way of looking at the world.

What medical cannabis does is to give your body additional building blocks so that it can heal itself.

So to call medical cannabis a "cure" is wrong. Cannabis helps your body heal itself.

How much medical cannabis helps depends on the state of your body, the condition you have and the expertise of the practitioner matching the right strain of cannabis to your condition. Your mental attitude, diet & exercise also matter.

Because your Endocannabinoid system is responsible for the repair of almost every system you have, medical cannabis can cause the body to regulate/heal a remarkably wide range of conditions: Here is a lot of data on that.

Pharmaceutical drugs take a "one size fits all" approach. By this we mean that BigPharma will produce a small range of medications, and hope that this suits the needs of millions of Australians.

Those drugs are designed to bypass the body's own healing system and "impose" a cure directly on the problem. This is an inherently flawed approach because the body fights back & treats the drug like an invader interfering with it's own attempts to cure the problem (more below).

Medical Cannabis works in the reverse manner. Cannabis contains 400+ compounds, some of which the body will be lacking and some it will not - but everyone is different. Your body will simply use the compounds it needs and excrete the compounds that it does not. This gives your body not one but 400+ options

With cannabis research growing exponentially, there are new varieties coming on the market that offer additional targeting of major diseases, making medical cannabis even more effective.

Conventional medicine will be disrupted by medical cannabis, it invalidates the very essence of their treatment paradigm.

The chemical composition of medical cannabis makes it impossible to cause an overdose. Cannabis will not stop your heart or your breathing as prescription drugs can. Your body simply excretes whatever elements of medical cannabis it did not need, much the same as a vitamin pill works.

Compare this to the 900 deaths in Australian in 2016 from prescription opioids! It is impossible to get a perfectly safe drug yet easy to obtain a deadly poisonous one. Makes sense NOT.

A major problem with BigPharma drugs is the body builds up tolerance. This process is actually the body fighting and rejecting this "artificial" drug. To overcome that the patient takes higher and higher doses to achieve the same outcome. When the drug is an opioid, narcotic or barbiturate, increasing dosage continually over time is often fatal - 900 Australians died in this way in 2016.

Medical cannabis does not create a tolerance because it is simply helping out your own immune system - the Endocannabinoid system. Everything in there is natural and safe to take, it works with your body not against it.

A common argument you will hear about medical cannabis is that we do not know if it works, or it is too early to know for sure yet. That is simply not true. There are 25,000 papers on the medical paper publishing site PubMed proving medical cannabis works. New papers are coming out every day, the evidence for it's efficacy is overwhelming now. There is no need to delay

Why are we hearing this lie? SImply because the medical establishment are working with Big Pharma to stall medical cannabis until synthetic versions are available that BigPharma can protect with patents. More below.

One would think that medical cannabis was legal because the government announced it was introducing legislation to....make medical cannabis legal. The media reported that press release at face value without investigating.

What happened however was that the Turnbull Government introduced regulations that made medical cannabis harder to get, not easier.

Currently less than 200 Australians are accessing medical cannabis, most of those are receiving palliative care.

It is simply not true to say medical cannabis is legal when so few people have been approved to access it, and that is by design.

RESET! restores the Doctor/Patient relationship that the Government has destroyed here. The best treatment options for a patient should be selected by the physician that knows the patient, not a faceless bureaucrat in Canberra or a State capital that is usually not even a doctor.

The Government has created 2 sets of rules to make medical cannabis available:

  • Special Access Scheme
  • Approved Prescriber Scheme

(see below) If you do not fit into one of these 2 schemes then you cannot access medical cannabis. With only 30 doctors nationally signing on to the scheme, medical cannabis has been rendered inaccessible by virtue of the red tape involved.

Many doctors are experiencing "ping pong" applications, that go back and forth with Federal and State bureaucrats asking for more medical history, more proof that cannabis is expected to be effective for that patient. The result is that they give up, which is of course the intention.

Often once the application process is completed the answer is "not approved". Only the strongest cases are getting past the bureaucracy.

This scheme firstly requires a doctor to become approved to prescribe cannabis, then the doctor has to apply for each individual patient.

The scheme is only open to Specialists (or GPs being advised by Specialists, which is the same thing). The specialist must be able to demonstrate a competence in prescribing medical cannabis. None have that of course because it's been illegal for 70 years.

Even if they do get approved, and 30 doctors have managed to do that, then the doctor has to complete an application for each patient. This application takes a minimum of 40 hours to complete, and the longest we know of is 100 hours. None of that time is paid. How many Doctors can afford to take 40 - 100 hours out of their practice without payment, for each patient? Then there is the quarterly reporting and annual re-application just to grind the doctor down some more.

Severe fines up to $500,000 have been gazetted for mistakes made in the application or prescribing process. For these reasons most doctors simply will not touch medical cannabis.

The Special Access Scheme is another old scheme that the Government has dusted off for medical cannabis. It allows for any doctor to prescribe medical cannabis for a patient who is dying, or at risk of death without it.

In practice less than 100 patients have been considered eligible for this scheme

The Greens tried to widen it out, with legislation passing the Senate to make the scheme available to probably a few hundred more people, however the Government is refusing to pass that bill in the House of Reps. So we currently are at stalemate on a bill to allow hundreds to access medical cannabis, when the actual demand nationwide is in the hundreds or thousands.

Monsanto have found a way to put their "roundup ready" genetic marker in Cannabis. This gene, called CP4 is actually extracted from E.coli bacteria. This gene allows the plant to absorb Roundup (which is actually a herbicide called glyphosate) that may be sprayed on the plant while killing weeds. This prevents glyphosate killing the plant.

The problem here is that by design the plant has then absorbed & stored raw glyphosate and that chemical carries over into the final product - our food and medicine. Glyphosate has been shown to cause cancer, intestinal ruptures and sterility.

To put this simply, the plant put on this planet to cure cancer has been re-engineered to cause cancer. The company doing that is the same company that sells medication to treat cancer. Are you awake yet?

I am not criticising GMO per se. What I am talking about here is specifically GMOs that absorb herbicides. Now if the field or hothouse is never sprayed with anything then most likely the final product will be safe, since it will have not absorbed any poisons.

The reality, especially with outside growing, is that spraying will occur and the resulting medical cannabis, or cannabis foodstuffs will be toxic to the user.

There is a lot of disinformation and covering up in the area of GMO reporting, this site has some good information, including the Serafini study, which you will be told was discredited. Serafini sued over that story and won damages, so do not listen. Roundup Ready GMOs caused cancer, stomach lesions and infertility. Every rat in the study was infertile by the third generation and had developed cancer. Every last one.

Businesses are in it for a profit, and that profit motive has delivered prosperity to modern Australia. There is no reason that a profit driven system for medical cannabis cannot deliver an ideal outcome. The only thing that can go wrong is PATENTS.

Patents protect a drug from competition for 50 years currently. Medical cannabis cannot have a patent applied, because it is a natural plant, and the recipes for medical cannabis compounds have been available in Pharmacopoeias for 150 years, so patents are off the table. This reduces the competition to quality, distribution, innovation, branding & price. That should produce a great outcome for us.

Except BigPharma cannot make obscene profits without patents. GMO is their solution. GMO cannabis they can patent. As we have seen with seed drift in the USA, GMO crops infect their neighbours and then Monsanto claim the crop as their own - farmers are bankrupted and entire crops like maize are now all GMO. The same thing will happen to cannabis.

Monsanto are currently trialling cannabis varieties containing their genetic marker. Once they have sufficient varieties and stock we will no doubt see all these artificial restrictions removed from the supply of medical cannabis, and Monsanto become the one and only supplier of medical cannabis.

Not only will that give us a product that is poisonous, it will destroy the Australian industry, with medical cannabis grown in a low cost, low oversight jurisdiction for cents a dose and sold through the PBS at a cost to the taxpayers of hundreds of dollars a dose.

That will be wonderful for Prime Minister Turnbull's stock portfolio, and I am sure all the bureaucrats making these decisions will be rewarded with quite wonderful, high paid jobs doing nothing, but for we the people it will be a health disaster.

It is the impending arrival of GMO cannabis and synthetic cannabis that is behind the stalling tactics that the Turnbull Government, the TGA and the ODC are pursuing. They only need stall for another few years and their desired outcome will eventuate.

That outcome is GMO cannabis controlled by major corporations like Monsanto, and synthetic cannabis controlled by GW Pharmaceuticals & others. In short the medical establishment will retain control of your health outcomes for the financial benefit of BigPharma and the politicians & bureaucrats who feed off them. The fact that this will be a horrendous health outcome for average Australians is irrelevant to these people.

One should be suspicious of any "campaigners" that tell you we have all the time in the world, who advocate to proceed slowly and "do not speak loudly to Government"

WE DO NOT! We have at best 3 years before we lose natural medical cannabis forever.

If you were to walk into a field of cannabis plants - any cannabis plant - and proceeded to eat everything in sight what would happen? NOTHING. Nothing would happen. This is because in it's natural state cannabis does not contain any THC, which is the psychoactive/addictive element in cannabis. Rather it contains the harmless THC-A (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) which we will talk more about in the next section.

To put it simply, regulating medical cannabis plants, which are harmless, because they contain a substance that requires processing to make into a drug, is like regulating grapes because they could be turned into wine.

To turn THC-A into something that can can get you stoned or addicted one needs to process the plant. Drying is the start of the process, this increases the natural levels of THC-A.

Then you have to do one more thing to turn the harmless THC-A into psychotropic THC. That is to burn off a carbon atom. Smoking the plant is the most common way. The other is to process the plant under heat & pressure to extract a concentrate known as hash.

The methods of dispensing medical cannabis we support in RESET! do not allow for smoking anything. Hash is also not allowed as a patient option so again the issue of addiction or getting high is moot. See the next section to talk about some medical cannabis preparations that are the exception to this rule

One proviso: Some types of hash often called shatter are produced in manufacturing some types of medical cannabis as intermediary products but are then refined further into medical cannabis. These do not leave the lab!

Some medical conditions, especially psychological conditions like PTSD respond to full spectrum medical cannabis - including THC. The TGA acknowledge this by allowing the import & supply medical cannabis that includes quite high levels of THC.

There is no evidence that anyone taking such a course of medical cannabis, in the correct dose and as part of a full-spectrum preparation has ever become addicted. This is because the whole plant works together to mitigate the addictive and psychotropic properties. This is why you need to offer the whole plant, not a targeted extract - the plant is at it's worst when you start picking bits out of it.

Some patients may experience mild behavioural impairment, but remember the alternative legal drugs are accepted as being way worse in their impairment, so medical cannabis is a more desirable option. Driving may be an issue for a small number of patients, again it probably is already from what they are on now.

The most common medical cannabis technique in use is to place cannabis flowers and some green leaf into a heat bath with olive oil and heat to a temperature below boiling for the optimal period of time for the blend and use. This transfers the goodness across to the oil, producing the medical cannabis oil we commonly see.

A more scientific method is to put the green plant into what is best described as a still, with water &/or a catalyst like alcohol. Then heat the solution and trap the condensate, creating a clear concentrate with all the goodness still present. This concentrate is then vaped - again below incinieration temperature in measured doses.

In both these cases the THC-A is unchanged - evaporation and infusion do not release that carbon atom - so medical cannabis is harmless!

An increasingly popular way of taking medical cannabis is to grow & juice the raw plant. You get the full compound profile - 400+ different healthy compounds that are free of psychoactive or addictive compounds but contain complex blends of fibre, vitamins and anti-oxidants. One day we will see shopping centre juice bars offering a cannabis smoothie to adults & to kids - it is that safe and healthy.

RESET! is quite simple. We have prepared a series of changes to the regulations the Government is using to control medical cannabis that make it more widely available.

RESET! does not require legislation, we work within the legislation already passed. All we did is change the regulations that the TGA and ODC built around that legislation. it is these regulations that are really the problem. The Narcotics Drugs Act and the Therapeutic Goods Act are actually quite generally worded. The devil that was in the detail was written into the regulations, not the legislation

The Health Minister Greg Hunt could table RESET! into Parliament at any time, and it would not need a vote to become law, regulations are adopted by default. So the technicality of getting it passed is straight forward if the Government follows the will of the people.

RESET! proposes that medical cannabis be made available by way of a doctor's prescription with the script being filled by a Pharmacist. This is not because this is the best model, as against free growing, but reflects the reality that nothing else will ever get through Parliament.

I understand the passionate objection to this method in some areas of the community. We need to ask ourselves the question - is hundreds of thousands of people getting medical cannabis better than a few hundred?

Support for medical cannabis is at 91% of Australians. A poll in early January 2018 on the Channel 9 website showed support for legal cannabis amongst the 20,000 respondents was actually 93%.

The public is overwhelmingly in favour of medical cannabis. The Federal Government bought itself years of stalling time by their trick of announcing medical cannabis would be legal but then creating regulations that did the opposite

This dishonesty goes to the very heart of our democracy - who runs this country - the politicians and their drug company mates or We The People?

Medical Cannabis only means one thing - whole plant cannabis from an actual plant. We would also hope for Australian grown and owned. That gives us the best control on quality and purity.

Drug companies cannot patent a natural product, which is why medical cannabis was banned originally - to make way for synthetic drugs. Synthetic cannabis only mimics a narrow range of cannabinoid activity, and in many cases has proven fatal.

Whole plant cannabis is better because it presents the cannabinoids along with a spectrum of other compounds. These assist the body to process cannabinoids and have a synergistic effect.

The simplest way to take medical cannabis is to smoke it. That does present legal and dosage issues. So RESET! proposes medical cannabis is made available in these formats. Note these are all whole plant:

  • Liquid for use in vapes & nasal delivery
  • Tablet/Capsule
  • Oil or similar extract
  • Patch
  • Topically, as in a cream for surface applications

Our Prime Minister is hardly an independent arbiter in this debate. According to the Register of Pecuniary Interests Malcolm owns share by way of an investment vehicle in:

  • Smith Glaxo Kline
  • Pfizer
  • Novartis
  • British American Tobacco

Medical cannabis (especially by vape) is a very effective way of quitting smoking, so tobacco share price will be affected by medical cannabis, as of course will drug company profits.

Malcolm owns Pfizer shares directly. Pfizer is a BigPharma company with a long history in cannabis. Pfizer grew their company by selling natural cannabis pharmaceuticals before joining the BigPharma campaign to ban natural cannabis.

This cleared the way for them to produce synthetic (fake) cannabis that they can patent and make large profits from. If it worked. Which it actually doesn't. In fact the formula that they have a patent on has recently leaked onto the web, people are making it at home and killing themselves.


Monsanto have found a way to put their Roundup Ready marker gene in cannabis and are currently field testing varieties ready to take over the market. This variety of cannabis will have a patent on it, the Government can be expected to allow Monsanto to market that and keep natural cannabis banned.

This will deliver the market to Monsanto and wipe out the Australian industry.

There is a whole section on this below.

The Prime Minister's wife is heavily involved in BigPharma. In fact Lucy has a substantial ownership in, and is Chief Executive of, pharmaceutical company Prima BioMed.

Prima operates in the space of immunotherapy, their main product is CVac™, which is a method of modifying drugs to suit the metabolism of the user - much the same way that Cannabis can be fine tuned to match the target patient's own system. Their product IMP731 produces an improved immune response and anti-tumour activity. So does Cannabis. These products are not close to being ready for the market.

The media has never called Turnbull out on this obvious conflict of interest, one that is keeping medical cannabis out of the hands of millions of Australians to give his wife's company time to develop a synthetic alternative.

Bill Shorten's brother in law is the head of pharmaceutical company Smith Glaxo Kline in Australia. Does this affect his actions? Well here is a fun game. Go and find the Labour Party's policy on medical cannabis on their website. I will wait.

See the problem?

The Government is allowing synthetic cannabis into the system. Synthetic cannabis is just that, a laboratory copy of natural cannabis. Why replicate something that already exists in nature? Because you cannot patent natural cannabis but you can patent synthetic cannabis.

So when we talk about BigPharma taking over cannabis, this is what we are talking about:

  • Synthetic Cannabis for specific conditions like epilepsy;
  • Monsanto owned GMO cannabis for everything else.

There will be no Australian industry, no natural cannabis, no employment or profits for Australians and none of the superior health outcomes natural medical cannabis offers we the people.

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