RESET! Campaign

RESET! Campaign

Join 91% of the Australian population

Why medical cannabis?

Cannabis is safe

25000 medical papers and years of testing around the world proves medical cannabis is safe with zero fatalities.

Treats the untreatable

Millions of Australians are seeking to access medical cannabis to treat conditions conventional medicine has failed.

The sacred plant

The endocannabinoid system is the body's natural healing system, using the same cannabinoids as found in cannabis.

91% public support

According to Roy Morgan 91% of the Australian public support medical cannabis if a doctor is involved.

Why medical cannabis?

At a glance

Quick Guide to RESET!

The human body has a natural self-healing and regulation system, called the Endocannabinoid system. The human body actually produces cannabinoids, which are then transported in the blood to the part of the body needing repair, where enzymes break the cannabinoids down to begin the healing process.

When the body cannot produce enough of it's own cannabinoids to treat a condition it is beneficial to introduce cannabinoids from an external source.

The cannabinoids in Cannabis perfectly match the human body - it is the same substance.

All we are doing with medical cannabis is giving the body more of the same healing compound that it makes itself.

Pharmaceutical drugs take a "one size fits all" approach. By this we mean that BigPharma will produce a small range of medications, and hope that this suits the needs of millions of Australians.

Medical Cannabis works in the reverse manner. Cannabis actually comes in hundreds of varieties, with more becoming available all the time. This allows a skilled practitioner to prescribe a cannabis medication that much more closely matches a patient's needs.

Medical Cannabis is safe to use. The chemical composition of medical cannabis makes it impossible to cause an overdose death. This is why no-one has ever died from an overdose of medical cannabis.

Compare this to the 900 deaths in Australian in 2017 from prescription opioids! We are keeping a safe medication that occurs naturally in the human body ILLEGAL, while doctors are prescribing a deadly poisonous drug like it were candy.

A major problem with BigPharma drugs is the body builds up tolerance. This requires the patient to take higher and higher doses to achieve the same outcome. When the drug is an opioid, narcotic or barbiturate, increasing dosage continually over time can and is fatal.

When taken as directed medical cannabis is not addictive and does not create a tolerance. This means you do not need to take more and more to get the same medical outcome.

A common argument you will hear about medical cannabis is that we do not know if it works, or it is too early to know for sure yet. Bullsh%t. There are 25,000 papers on the medical paper publishing site PubMed proving medical cannabis works.

This lie is being spread by BigPharma to stall for time while they get their fake cannabis ready for market. Please see the section title "Proven Effective" for more.

One would think that medical cannabis was legal because the government announced it was introducing legislation to....make medical cannabis legal. The media reported that press release at face value without investigating.

What happened however was that the Turnbull Government introduced legislation that made medical cannabis harder to get, not easier

Currently less than 200 Australians are accessing medical cannabis, most of those a re receiving palliative care.

The Government has created 2 sets of rules to make medical cannabis available:

  • Special Access Scheme
  • Approved Prescriber Scheme

Please click the links below to find out more about these. Note that if you do not fit into one of these 2 schemes then you cannot access medical cannabis. With only 30 doctors nationally signing on to the scheme, medical cannabis has been rendered inaccessable by virtue of the red tape involved.

This scheme firstly requires a doctor to become approved to prescribe cannabis, then the doctor has to apply for each individual patient.

The scheme is only open to Specialists (or GPs being advised by Specialists, which is the same thing). The specialist must be able to demonstrate a competence in prescribing medical cannabis. None have that of course because it's been illegal for 70 years.

Even if they do get approved, and 30 doctors have managed to do that, then the doctor has to complete an application for each patient. This application takes a minimum of 40 hours to complete, and the longest we know of is 100 hours. None of that time is paid. How many Doctors can afford to take 40 - 100 hours out of their practice without payment, for each patient? Then there is the quarterly reporting and annual re-application just to grind the doctor down some more.

Severe fines up to $500,000 have been gazetted for mistakes made in the application or prescribing process. For these reasons most doctors simply will not touch medical cannabis.

The Special Access Scheme is another old scheme that the Government has dusted off for medical cannabis. It allows for any doctor to prescribe medical cannabis for a patient who is dying, or at risk of death without it.

In practice less than 100 patients have been considered eligible for this scheme

The Greens tried to widen it out, with legislation passing the Senate to make the scheme available to probably a few hundred more people, however the Government is refusing to pass that bill in the House of Reps. So we currently are at stalemate on a bill to allow hundreds to access medical cannabis, when the actual demand nationwide is in the hundreds or thousands.

Our Prime Minister is hardly an independent arbiter in this debate. According to the Register of Pecuniary Interests Malcolm owns share by way of an investment vehicle in:
  • Smith Glaxo Kline
  • Pfizer
  • Novartis
  • British American Tobacco
Medical cannabis (especially by vape) is a very effective way of quitting smoking, so tobacco share price will be affected by medical cannabis, as of course will drug company profits.

Malcolm owns Pfizer shares directly. Pfizer is a BigPharma company with a long history in cannabis. Pfizer grew their company by selling natural cannabis pharmaceuticals before joining the BigPharma campaign to ban natural cannabis.

This cleared the way for them to produce synthetic (fake) cannabis that they can patent and make large profits from. If it worked. Which it actually doesn't. In fact the formula that they have a patent on has recently leaked onto the web, people are making it at home and killing themselves.


The Prime Minister's wife is heavily involved in BigPharma. In fact Lucy has a substantial ownership in, and is Chief Executive of, pharmaceutical company Prima BioMed.

Prima operates in the space of immunotherapy, their main product is CVac™, which is a method of modifying drugs to suit the metabolism of the user - much the same way that Cannabis can be fine tuned to match the target patient's own system. Their product IMP731 produces an improved immune response and anti-tumour activity. So does Cannabis. These products are not close to being ready for the market.

The media has never called Turnbull out on this obvious conflict of interest, one that is keeping medical cannabis out of the hands of millions of Australians to give his wife's company time to develop a synthetic alternative.

Bill Shorten's brother in law is the head of pharmaceutical company Smith Glaxo Kline in Australia. Does this affect his actions? Well here is a fun game. Go and find the Labour Party's policy on medical cannabis on their website. I will wait.

See the problem?

RESET! is quite simple. We have prepared a series of changes to the regulations the Government is using to control medical cannabis that make it more widely available.

RESET! does not require legislation, we work within the legislation already passed. All we did is change the regulations that the TGA and ODC built around that legislation. it is these regulations that are really the problem. The Narcotics Drugs Act and the Therapeutic Goods Act are actually quite generally worded. The devil that was in the detail was written into the regulations, not the legislation

The Health Minister Greg Hunt could table RESET! into Parliament at any time, and it would not need a vote to become law, regulations are adopted by default. So the technicality of getting it passed is straight forward if the Government follows the will of the people.

Support for medical cannabis is at 91% of Australians when the magic words "doctor's prescription" is used. When you talk about self growing then that support drops well below 50%

For this reason RESET! proposes that medical cannabis be made available by way of a doctor's prescription with the script being filled by a Pharmacist. Nothing else will ever get through Parliament.

I understand the passionate objection to this method in some areas of the community. We need to ask ourselves the question - is hundreds of thousands of people getting medical cannabis better than a few hundred?

91% of Australians support medical cannabis by way of a doctors prescription and filled by a Pharmacist. See the whole survey here.

The public is overwhelmingly in favour of medical cannabis. The Federal Government bought itself years of stalling time by their trick of announcing medical cannabis would be legal but then passing legislation that did the opposite

This dishonesty goes to the very heart of our democracy - who runs this country - the politicians and their drug company mates or We The People?

Medical Cannabis only means one thing - whole plant cannabis from an actual plant. We would also hope for Australian grown and owned. That gives us the best control on quality and purity.

Drug companies cannot patent a natural product, which is why medical cannabis was banned originally - to make way for synthetic drugs. Synthetic cannabis only mimics a narrow range of cannabinoid activity, and in many cases has proven fatal.

Whole plant cannabis is better because it presents the cannabinoids in along with a spectrum of other compounds called terpenes. These assist the body to process cannabinoids and have a synergistic effect.

The simplest way to take medical cannabis is to smoke it. That does present legal and dosage issues. So RESET! proposes medical cannabis is made available in these formats. Note these are all whole plant:

  • Liquid for use in vapes
  • Tablet/Capsule
  • Oil or similar extract
  • Patch
  • Topically, as in a cream for surface applications

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