UPDATED 21-3-19 Today it is that much harder for the Forces of Pharma to tell us that there is no medical benefit in Cannabis, or that it is unsafe or addictive. Today the World Health Organization, the health agency of the United Nations, has made an official recommendation that cannabidiol (CBD) not be internationally scheduled as a controlled substance. WHO research on CBD's therapeutic use and side effects found that the cannabinoid was not a public danger.

"Recent evidence from animal and human studies shows that its use could have some therapeutic value for seizures due to epilepsy and related conditions. CBD has shown that it has medical benefits for pain, insomnia and inflammation, among other afflictions; it can be derived from both psychoactive cannabis and hemp. According to the WHO report, there is also preliminary evidence that it can treat Alzheimer's disease, Crohn's disease, certain forms of cancer, Parkinson's disease and other serious conditions. Current evidence also shows that cannabidiol is not likely to be abused or create dependence as for other cannabinoids such as Tetra Hydro Cannabinol (THC)."

-from the announcement by the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence.


The United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) opted to indefinitely postpone a vote on the World Health Organization’s recommended changes to the scheduling of cannabis in the Single COnvention of Narcotics Drugs. The profits of multinational corporations are more important to the UN than is the World Health Organisation. Good to know. Reference This does NOT affect the RESET! plan.

The Convention was incorporated into Australian Law in the Narcotics Drugs Act, word for word. Section 28 of the Convention (and hence the Act) states that:

“The Parties shall adopt such measures as may be necessary to prevent the misuse of, and illicit traffic in, the leaves of the cannabis plant...(defined as)...any plant of the genus cannabis” It is that definition WHO were trying to change, to redefine Cannabis to only mean “any genus of the plant cannabis having THC levels above 50mg/kg”

The UN intended to prevent a commercial hemp industry by regulating all cannabis, including hemp. Any talk of complete deregulation is now a clear breach of the Convention, which has been given new primacy with this vote. You can expect the Office of Drug Control to make this point enthusiastically. The Countries that have implemented reform, including Trump’s farm bill, have done so in company with a middle finger to the UN.

In effect changing the rules for medical cannabis by doctors prescription is easier to achieve because no legislation is required and RESET! meets the letter and spirit of the Convention – it regulates growing per the Convention while liberalising prescribing, which the Convention allows for.

So we push on.


European Parliament Passes Cannabis Resolution, Joins WHO In Supporting Medical Marijuana. the European Parliament voted on Wednesday on a resolution that would help advance medical cannabis in the countries that form the European Union.

While non-binding, the resolution seeks to incentivize European nations to increase access to medical marijuana, prioritizing scientific research and clinical studies. Same as the WHO’s recommendation, the European Parliament’s resolution shows how wide support for cannabis legalization is, but does not change any actual laws on the international or local levels.

“The EU Parliament is just the latest voice to recognize the medical value of cannabis and the benefits of regulation over prohibition,” Tom Angell, Forbes contributor and publisher of Marijuana Moment, told me. “I’m hopeful that the growing chorus in favor of reform will spur action by nations to change their policies and improve access for patients who need this medicine.”

The EU resolution calls for cannabinoids to be entirely deregulated and THC strains made widely available in a regulated system, such as doctors prescription or patient access cards from licensed retailers. This is exactly what RESET! has been calling for since we started.

Original story resumes:

This is good news - WHO have declared 4 things here:

  1. There is no record of anyone dying of medical cannabis (because no-one has);
  2. You cannot get addicted to low THC medical cannabis;
  3. CBD is a medicine that should be freely available as an unscheduled substance;
  4. Medical Cannabis is proven to have demonstrable medical benefit.

Australia currently has CBD scheduled. This is holding back an industry that will be worth billions, affecting not just humans but also pets and working animals. While medical cannabis is much more effective when taken in whole plant form, with all the 400+ compounds in there including THC, the fact that the UN is only looking at restricting THC and not any of those other 400+ compounds means we will very shortly have the ability to put extremely useful whole plant compounds out there, just minus large amount of THC. That is a huge step forward.

This report now goes to the full UN session for approval in February 2018. It should now be clear to the Government that the Narcotics Drugs Act, the Pharmaceutical Goods Act and the Poisons Schedule will have to be amended as a matter of urgency to implement this recommendation - specifically by removing all reference to CBD. That is actually a comprehensive change and the perfect time to walk back the Government's unpopular regulations that are in fact a prohibition on medical cannabis. The Government has just had the very basis for this prohibition chopped out from underneath them by the very UN that the legislation itself acknowledges as the governing body in this matter. There is no ifs or buts here, these pieces of legislation will have to be brought in line with the UN policy that they all acknowledge as being the governing principles. Health Minister Hunt: This is your moment to make this right.

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